Hi, there!

Portrait and birth Photographer

I'm Natalee, the owner and photographer of Natalee Adele Photography!

I'm a wife, mama of three, and a follower of Christ who has given my life purpose and abundant joy.! Though these things are just the surface of who I am, they are the most important titles I'll ever hold.

There's an urgency to soak in each moment with our children.

We long to bottle up every ounce of these memories and keep them tucked safely away in our hearts. There's beauty and pain at once that runs deep; an ache of many emotions spilling over that we try to sort through. Excitement for their future and who they're becoming, but with that comes dread of them growing up. Longing for a full night of sleep, but the end of breathing in our baby's warmth and newness all through the night. Joy in seeing them succeed, but fear of them no longer needing our help.

As a mama, my heart is constantly rocked back and forth by the wavering of these emotions. I long to see who my babies become, but oh, how it hurts a little more each day to see how quickly time passed without me even realizing.

I can't pause time, but I can take a picture and grasp this moment in my hands for just a little longer.